Election Program 2018 - 2022

With the elections on March 21st, comes a new political era. When we look back on the past years, we can deduce that the municipality of Veldhoven has – despite the financial crisis – been able to develop in so many ways. There is a good base within the municipality. Industrial estates have excellently developed and offer a lot of potential. Employment is also thriving. As a local party with a strong position in provincial politics and national politics, the VVD in Veldhoven has been able to contribute to all of this.

Read our priorities with care. If you have any remarks, please feel free to let us know. The candidates on the electoral list are interested in whatever keeps you busy in our municipality. Together, we will look into how we can make Veldhoven even better than it already is. To us there is only one thing that really matters and that is that you, as citizen of Veldhoven, are feeling safe and happy. That you can tell everyone, that you are PROUD of Veldhoven! If it were up to us, we would ensure this together with you.